Linux XP 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Linux XP is a strange beast. From what I gather it tries very hard to emulate the look and feel of Microsoft Windows in order to make the transition to Linux easier to the Microsoft-familiar.
That is an admirable goal shared by some rather successful commercial entities like Xandros. Apparently with this release, Linux XP is more like "Linux Vista," however. I question the logic of emulating an OS that has received such a chilly reception among end users.

I must stress from the beginning that I do not agree with the idea behind this distribution. I believe half-measures like this that spend so much time and effort trying to turn Linux into something it's not (Windows) are detrimental to end-users. If someone wants to learn Linux, great, but they should learn proper Linux, not this Frankenstein monster. There, now I've said my peace. On to the rant.


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